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  Updated 07.05.22

Welcome to Noble Melody`s, established 1980.

I got my first chow chow in 1976 and had two dogs up to September 1978 when I got my first bitch Tsingfu`s Melody Me.
From her I got my first litter in 1980. Sha had three litters.

My breed is based on the Hanoi chows which I love very much. I have been so lucky to have Perlrema Trikki Tom born 9.10.1984 (died 1.11.1994) and Hanoi Chesnut Tajk born 8.5.1990 (died 16.4.1997) in my breed lines.

My second bitch was Kwangwong`s Money Honey. In my next two litters in the combination with Perlrema Trikki Tom I got four champions.
They where all of good sixe and good mentality.

From this combination I got Noble Melody`s Daffodil Lady. Unfortunately she only got two puppies, one dog and one girl. The girl was Noble Melody`s Fantasia von feminin, mother of Multi ch. Minister Churchill, owned by Anne-Lise and Odd Skjerpingstad. The dog went to Finland.

From Hanoi Chesnut Tajk I got Chow Bears Olivia (Rosa) born 12.4.1998, died 19.11.2009, and she is the ancestor to the chows I have to day.

From Rosa I had Noble Melody`s Greve Giotto McCæsar "Goggen", born 18.2. 2000, died 27.9.2011, and he have sired 14 Noble Melody`s chows.

From Goggen and Stagebo`s Penny Lane I got Noble Melody`s Jersey Lane born 19.10.2004.

Jersey have had only one litter because my health stoped me from breeding in 2007.

29th of Ocktober 2011 Jersey`s brother Jaxon de Kee, who lives in Synny Pie Kennel, Bergen, sired 4 boyes.
From him I got Sunny Pies Apollon the Maestro "Maestro", and hoped he would stay with me for many years. Unfortunately Maestro died 12.12.2017 from ilius. (tarmslyng)

5th of February 2015 came Stagebo`s Good Day Sunshine "Glede" from Denmark.
She is a happy girl and she loved to play with Maestro in the garden.

6th of May 2021 came Long Feng Debussy Standford Blatch "Debussy" from Sweden
He is a very curius dog and love to play in the garden from day one.
I hope he will be in good health and have a long and happy life together with Glede and me.

I will give the owners of Noble Melody chows a big hug because they are giving me so many good feedbacks about their chows health and behavier.

This is a very good source of information that gives me and the owners of this breed an uppertunity to avoy healht and mentality problems
in the future combinations to come.

This knowlage that we get in forhand is of great value for the next generation. so that the future litter can be as healhty as posible.
Every dog have something that the vet. tells you - not to bredd from, but that it is their duty to do so.
The breeders know that if a bitch have some faults, you have to find a dog and his parents,sisters, brother that do not have the same "problem".
This is complicated but very interesting to study, and my hope is that more of the breeders could co-operate in this mate.

You find more information about the chows under Litters.

What is Reiki? Jersey Lane loves the Reiki energy.

Here I have just put my hends on her and after a few minutes she is relaxed and asleep.

The name "Reiki" (pronounced Ray-key) comes from the Japanese words "rei" meaning spirit and "ki" meaning energy. It is usually translated as "universal life energy."

Reiki is a gentle, effective energy healing method, which treats the whole individual, not just the symptoms of a disease.

With Reiki we use the hands so the healing energy of the universe can flow through them into the animal, causing a shift toward health at the deepest levels.

Animals often respond more quickly to Reiki than people do, and positive results are often seen in a short period of time.

It restores balance and harmony to animal's entire being - physical - mental - emotional - spiritual. Reiki does not cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and is one of only a few healing methods that involve no harm to any living thing in order to bring healing.

For healthy animals.
Reiki treatments help to maintain the state of health, enhancing peace and overall wellbeing. Giving Reiki treatments to your animal companion deepens the bond and understanding between you.

For animals that are ill.
Reiki assists healing at the deepest levels and is a safe complement to conventional Western medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, flower essences, and all other forms of healing. Reiki helps to reduce the side effects of other treatments as well.

For dying animals
Reiki is a highly effective yet gentle way to provide comfort, relieve pain, fear, and anxiety, and ease the transition from this life. It provides support and help with grief and fear for the human companion as well.

Reiki is practiced throughout the world.her kommer bilder


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