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HANOI CHOW CHOWS written by Mike Purchase, England:
Hanoi chows came into being during the 1930’s.
Mrs Dulcie Smith, the founder and doyen of the kennel, was working in a Ladies Hair Dressing Salon when a customer arrived with what Dulcie described as the most beautiful creature she had ever seen! This was her introduction to the Chow-Chow.

It didn’t take long for her to acquire the first of a long line of Chows. The war years were difficult times for keeping and feeding pets but with Billy Smith (Dulcie’s husband) being away in the armed forces, Dulcie wasted no time in building up a modest kennel. Billy came home after his military service to a ready-made family consisting of a half dozen Chows.

Dulcie had great success throughout the ‘50s showing dogs like Brutson - photo Bru'T'Sun of Hanoi.

She instigated a breeding programme that included the importing of a brood bitch, in whelp to a top winning Dutch dog. This helped establish the Hanoi line and led to her first major honours.

The Hanoi kennel have exported chow chows all over the world.

I have had two imports: Perlrema Trikki Tom and Hanoi Chesnut Tajk
Champion Tiko-Ling Of Hanoi
became the first Chow Of The Year in 1965 and also achieved the honour of being Best In Show at Southampton Championship Show. Good looks weren’t Tiko’s only attribute, he also produced some fine Championship winning stock.

By this time, Dulcie’s reputation had spread worldwide and inquiries for puppies were arriving from all continents. One such enquiry led to a meeting between Dulcie and Ricardo Pantelinen. Richard (Dulcie re-christened him) bought a young CC winning dog called Tiko-Ling:
Hanoi Crispin Of Kalamunda
from Dulcie and took him to Argentina where he became a multiple Best In Show Winner. Dulcie actually accompanied Crispin and a young bitch puppy to Argentina. Billy Smith yet again demonstrated his heart of gold by staying home to look after the Hanoi’s at Perry Barr.
Several more Champions were campaigned through the late 60’s and early 70’s not least.
I had known of Dulcie Smith from childhood. My uncle had used her stud dogs in the early 50’s and I grew up knowing cute bundles of fur in multiple hues.

My first meeting with Dulcie took place in early ’74. Vicky, my fiancée, had bought me a male Chow-Chow for my 21st birthday in November ’73.
We soon obtained a female playmate for him and I noted that there were a number of Hanoi Chows on their pedigrees.

Wanting to know more (and being nosy) I called on Dulcie, armed with my pedigrees. She was very welcoming and discussed the pros and cons of the dogs on the pedigrees. She asked what our Chows looked like and I described Khan as a large, well boned dog with masses of coat. With that, Dulcie went into the back room and called a dog. She opened the door and in strutted the most beautiful Chow-Chow puppy imaginable. He was slightly younger than my boy, probably 4 months old at the time and Dulcie asked if Khan looked like him. Even then, as a total novice, I could see the difference and had to admit that there was no comparison. That was my introduction to.

From then on, at irregular intervals, Vicky and I attended the local shows. Always looking for Willie. It was quite some time before we were fortunate enough to acquire a Willie son.

Unfortunately, due to Dulcie’s ill health, she was forced in the early 80’s to stop showing. By this time we had become very close and I was accorded the privilege of handling various Hanoi boy’s at shows. Dulcie was a master at preparing and showing her dogs and only ill health would ever have caused her to place her trust in someone else. To my amazement and great pleasure, Dulcie made me a partner in the Hanoi affix. This came as a great surprise as even Billy Smith had not been accorded that honour.Dulcie was a very special lady and will be remembered always.

Ch. Hanoi Damon of Kalamunda ------------ Ch. T`su of Hanoi ---------------------- Ch. Hanoi Willie Wumkins

And..... other lovely Hanoi chows:
INT.N.S.CH. Noble Melody`s imports of Perlrema TrikkiTom
He is father of my Daffodil Lady.
Perlrema Trikki Tom (Tomboy) is the start of my breedlines from Hanoi and have sired some lovely puppies and great champions.
Owner: Siri Bjotveit/Mona K. Selbach Noble Melody`s Dafodill Ladyis a daughter of Perlrema Trikki Tom (Tomboy).
She is a mother of two puppies and a grandmother of Multich. Minister Churchill.
Churchill was owned by Anne-Lise and Odd Skjerpingstad. Hanoi Chesnut Tajk - import from Hanoi, England.
He have sired some puppies, and is a grandfather to Chow Bears Olivia (Rosa) Noble Melody`s Juan Louis MacTajk. - Son of Hanoi Chesnut Tajk
and a uncle of Chow Bears Olivia (Rosa)
Ole Brum, son of Hanoi Chesnut Tajk. He have sired some puppies in Sweden. an is a father to Chow Bears Olivia (Rosa) Chow Bears Olivia (Rosa), daughter of Ole Brum
She is mother of Noble Melody`s Greve Giotto McCcar (Goggen) Noble Melody`s Greve Giotto McCsar (Goggen) and have sired several puppies and is a son of Chow Bears Olivia (Rosa)
Noble Melody`s Jersey Lane daughter of Goggen. she have 4 puppies an is is mother to Noble Melody`s Limelight Shanty